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The Benefits of a Leased Website

In today’s business climate, it is necessary for your business to have both an effective website and strong internet presence. However, when choosing your website design, there is a very W-I-D-E range of options and levels of quality you can choose from. Each of these options have their own style, degree of effectiveness and cost to create and maintain.  Some websites can be built for a few hundred dollars, and they look like it!

But then again, the most effective and professional looking websites cost thousands of dollars.  These websites can work very well for your company – if they are continually optimized, maintained, updated, tracked, etc.  This is because, even the best websites, require continual optimizing work to effectively drive customers to your business.

Leasing a website is a great, economic alternative!  There are thousands of companies who choose to lease their website  – thereby keeping their Internet marketing costs low – while maximizing the quality of their Internet presence.  We believe it is the perfect solution!

In order to serve you better, RPMG has partnered with a firm that provides high quality, leased websites.  We have partnered with them, because we believe that, in most cases, leasing a website is the best option for you. And the websites offered from Total Marketing 250 are not just template driven, 5-page website – they are high quality professional, 20+ page websites that are fully optimized and leveraged for success. They offer websites that would cost, if purchased, $8,000-$10,000 to create – plus hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a month to optimize and maintain.

Our partner, Total Marketing 250, leases professional, fully optimized websites for under $250 per month.  When you compare a Total Marketing 250 leased website to a purchased website…  We believe the choice is obvious!

The Total 250 Advantage!

Leasing a Total Marketing 250 website requires very little upfront cost, followed by a small monthly fee.  The small monthly fee will only increase as your profits increase – and even then, the monthly fee is capped at $250 per month.

A Purchased Website:

A professional website will cost thousands of dollars -and another monthly fee to keep your SEO and Social Media up to date.  Total Marketing 250 includes all this, and more, in their website lease agreements!  This is why RPMG believes they offer such a cost effective option for you!

A Leased Website:

leased websiteLeasing a Total Marketing 250 web site means your business will have a dynamic state-of-the-art, inexpensive, and fully optimized website. Their websites are “content rich” – which means they will provide  much better rankings on the search engines.  Total Marketing 250 offer personalized customer support – enabling you to make changes and updates, as needed, at no additional cost! (With a purchased website – you will need to pay additional fees to make these changes.)
Other Advantages of a Leased Website:

Leasing a Total Marketing 250 site means your business becomes part of a large nationwide network – The Total Marketing network.  The resulting backlinks mean higher visibility for  your business on each of the major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. (When you purchase a website, you stand all alone. Any backlinking must be completed by you, or pay additional fees to have it done for you.)
The Leasing Advantage

Leasing a Total Marketing 250 site means they do ALL of the search engine optimization (SEO) for you.  It is included in the monthly fee – and this includes Social Media, such as Facebook and Twitter! Again, when if you purchase a website, you will personally bear all of the costs of optimizing your site – and these monthly fees can amount to $1,000 and more.

Total Marketing 250 allows you to spend your time with your clients – while leaving your Internet marketing to someone else.  RPMG believes this makes great economical sense!  In addition, when you lease a Total Marketing 250 website, your business will have exclusive rights in your greater area and industry.

Total Marketing 250 will only lease 1 web site per community – and we recommend you take advantage of that leased website!
leased website
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